Jonathan Paljor

DDF 17

Active Bending Structure “The form is a system which organizes itself in the presences of both internal and external forces and these organizations can shape patterns traced through mathematical rules.” – D’ Arcy Thompson In this framework, this 5-days course focuses on the creation of controllable, dynamic, active-bending timber structures, using loads as the actuators. […]

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DDF 14

noHome Being homeless becomes unfortunate reality for an increasing number of people in Vienna. Rising living expenses causes this problem to grow constantly, although this situation is often not visible to our relative wealthy society. The noHOME pavilion shall paraphrase the idea of a sheltered space, which at the same time does not satisfy the

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DDF 12

Parametric Envelope Structures The seminar centered upon the investigation of engineering and fabrication methods for the realization of a 1:1 parametric envelope structure – contributing to the ever-expanding catalogue of proto-architectural solutions made possible through digital methods. Furthermore the workshop sought not only to examine the formalization of digital design methods but also respond to

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